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Training Costs

There is no cost for initial training for new clients, irrespective of the amount of staff members that need to be trained.
The estimate duration for full training is 4-5 hours but can differ depending on the number of modules that need to be

Training Modules Include:

Remote support is free of charge.

Training for new or additional staff member/s is R300 per hour.

Additional or recap training for existing/current staff members can be facilitated remotely and will be free of charge; R300 per hour if requested onsite or at a training centre.

Once successfully completing the training course, you will be rewarded with a Certificate of Xcellence as well as an Xpedient Gift Pack.

These rates are exclusive to Xpedient clients as the normal rate and market trend suggests R950 per hour, whether
training is done remotely, onsite or at an available training centre

Please note: Xpedient Medical pays for one user and one Entity.
Any additional Users will be for your account @ R300 per user per month.

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