Specialised Healthcare Management Solutions To Grow Your Practice.

Providing simple, meaningful solutions to manage your practice and increase your revenue.

Eliminate Losses Due to Administration

We reduce and eliminate unnecessary short-payments, write-offs, discounts, journals and reversals.

Increase Your
Practice's Revenue

Achieve healthy, predictable financial outcomes, while maximising opportunities and managing risk.

Improve Patient Experience

We advise on payment arrangements that are beneficial to both the medical practice and patient.

We Care About Healthcare

We ensure the health of your business, while you focus on the health of your patient.


"Xpedient - So Much More Than Just a Medical Bureau"

As a team of healthcare entrepreneurs and medical business specialists, Xpedient breaks boundaries. Our commitment to presenting value-driven solutions to the healthcare industry sets us apart as so much more than just a bureau. 


The Xpedient Medical Mobile App brings the complete ICD 10 (WHO), procedure and modifier codes to your favourite mobile device.

How Xpedient Serves You

Our goal is to foster substantial growth in medical practices, which can only be done through a holistic approach. At Xpedient, we celebrate each practice’s unique needs and trajectories. While ‘one size fits all’ methods may help businesses to survive, our role is to nurture your practice’s growth through bespoke business solutions. We pride ourselves on providing you with tools to triumph in your specialised area.

Practice Management

We manage all aspects of medical practices' operational efficiency.

Healthcare Administration

We manage all non-clinical functions which involve every aspect of a healthcare business.

Support to Registrars

Xpedient offers a comprehensive package available to Registrars.

Close up of doctor hands reassuring her patient for encouragement at the hospital
Filling Patients Data on Digital Tablet


We're Trusted by Medical Professionals

Holistic analysis and bespoke solutions

Our total healthcare management service approach offers all-encompassing, unique tailor-made and full practice support to each medical speciality.

Intelligent software and wise legal and financial counsel

From legislation, to compliance, to software, we simplify and streamline the constantly evolving list of demands our clients encounter daily.

Our clients have benefitted from an increased turnover of up to 37%.

Contact us for a free assessment of your medical practice.

In a complex, ever-changing healthcare environment, navigating business choices can be challenging.

While a medical practice’s primary focus is their patients, they remain a business that must benefit financially in order to continue providing healthcare. As a result, the well-being of individual patients, as well as the practice, depends on making well-informed business management decisions.

Our multidisciplinary team of healthcare business specialists strive to guide medical businesses to their fullest potential by implementing our value driven solutions.

We Work with the Best Partners

We collaborate with you to engineer expert solutions to grow your business while you focus on the practice of medicine. With our trusted partners, we provide bespoke solutions to help you meet your business goals

How It Works

Allow us to join your journey and trust us to deliver the best possible support to your practice. At every step of the process, we’ll take care of you with integrity so that you can take care of your patients. Together, we will grow your business.


A sales consultant will be part of the sign-up process to assist with all the necessary documentation.


A key account manager will liaise with all relevant parties to ensure your practice setup runs smoothly, including providing all training within your practice.


We provide ongoing support to your medical practice, including financial reporting, training, legal guidance, clinical coding and overall practice management.

Quick FAQ's

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What our clients say about us.

The Latin root of ‘expedient’ meant ‘to free the feet’ – which is precisely what Xpedient does for your practice!

Our team frees up you and your team so that you can do what you do best. This is our promise to you.

Sandton Fertility
Sandton Fertility
We are delighted with the service that we are receiving from Xpedient. Everybody that we have personally worked with thus far have shown us a diligent approach and service that leaves us satisfied and comfortable to communicate with. we're grateful for you service!
Elaine Mootho
Elaine Mootho
Good business ethics and a pleasure to deal with.
Velicia Gillespie
Velicia Gillespie
Excellent service!!
Jenny Pedro
Jenny Pedro
Our practice has been a client of Xpedient since 2016. The staff is well trained and friendly and assist the practice account manager with queries and credit control with short payments which makes my life easier. Regular management feedback keeps the doctor up to date with the running of his practice.
Aziz Valiallah
Aziz Valiallah
Efficient management of accounts. Takes away the burden of sending accounts to medical aids and patients and following up payments. Collection rates exceptionally good and bad debts very low. Natassja is the consultant I deal with. She is always on hand to assist and advise. Thank you for your excellent service. Constance deals with my accounts. She is super efficient. Resolves issues with medical aids and patients in no time. I haven't had a call feom a patient regarding accounts since I have been with Xpedient. I can highly recommend their services.
Johann Lamprecht
Johann Lamprecht
The majority of companies I deal with are chosen not for product quality (which one can pretty much order / subscribe to online for yourself from anywhere), but for integrating their products with service delivery and a good work ethic. Xpedient is no different. While continually growing in data and other digital capabilities, they manage to combine this strength with the indispensable human touch. There are touch-points in business that AI algorithms don't yet reach. With Xpedient, these are also attended to. They have become a very important part of my Practice Team. A big thank you to Andre, Lara, Natassja, Lezaan, Lizanne, Sinathi, Larissa and many others!
A joy to be part of Xpedient.

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