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Medical Clinical Coding is a hospital or practice administration function that involves translating written clinical statements into coded data. A clinical coding specialist will interpret information about an aspect of patient care and assign standardised codes using a classification system. These codes can be used for several purposes without risking the patient’s privacy or confidentiality. 

There are significant benefits to using clinical coding systems; for instance, transforming recorded patient encounters into standard codes means they can also be used for statistical purposes. It allows for better data management and reporting and more accurate billing. Clinical coding also helps to ensure that patients receive the correct treatment and that claims are paid accurately. 


Some examples of clinical coding include:

Diagnosis codes, also known as ICD 10 codes. For example, the patient has been diagnosed with appendicitis.

Procedure codes, also known as CPT / CCSA codes. For example, the doctor has booked the patient in for an appendectomy. Open appendectomy without rupture (44950); laparoscopic appendectomy

Tariff codes are used for establishing fees and medical aid reimbursements.

Clinical Coding

Large Scale Clinical Coding

On a larger scale, clinical codes help organisations like the WHO (World Health Organisation) track the spread of infectious diseases and establish more significant healthcare trends across the globe. 

Healthcare Industry

The Importance of Clinical Coding in South Africa

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly complex, accurate clinical coding is more important than ever. Clinical coding forms the basis for many healthcare providers’ decisions and is used to calculate reimbursement rates, track patient outcomes, and assess the effectiveness of treatments.

Benefits of Clinical Coding

It helps to standardise patient care. By using the same code numbers for similar diagnoses and procedures, healthcare providers can more easily compare patients and track outcomes.

Improve communication between different healthcare providers. Providers can more easily share patient information by using a common language of code numbers.

Enhance patient safety. Healthcare providers can more easily identify errors and potential adverse events by tracking code numbers.

Reduce Healthcare costs. Using code numbers to track reimbursement, healthcare providers can more easily identify cost-saving opportunities.

Improve public health. By tracking population-level data, policymakers and public health officials can more easily identify trends and target interventions.


By ensuring that clinical coding is accurate and up-to-date, healthcare providers can make informed decisions that improve patient care, reduce costs, more easily compare data, and find areas where care can be improved

In South Africa, clinical coding is essential due to the high burden of disease and the large number of patients seen by medical practices. Clinical coding can also help reduce healthcare costs by providing accurate information on resource utilisation.


Only the Best Clinical Coding Services

Clinical coding is essential to providing quality healthcare in South Africa, but it also poses a significant challenge for many medical practices, especially newly established ones.

If you’re looking for high-quality clinical coding services for your medical practice, we have the necessary expertise on board to guide you all the way. Our team of clinical coding specialists are experts in their field and can provide comprehensive coding support for all types of medical practices. 

We offer training

Clinical Coding Training

Xpedient provides dedicated clinical coding training for registrars and offers clinical coding courses in South Africa to help you stay up to date on the latest coding standards. 

With us, you can be confident that your practice uses the most accurate and up-to-date clinical coding systems. Whether you need coding support for a small medical practice or a large hospital, Xpedient has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your coding goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our clinical coding services and training courses and how we can help your practice run more efficiently.

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