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What is a medical bureau?

A medical bureau (or medical accounts bureau) is a company that provides medical billing and coding services to healthcare providers. Medical bureaus are important because they help healthcare providers get paid for the services they provide. Xpedient is your dependable medical billing bureau in South Africa.

We understand the importance of accurate and efficient billing in the smooth running of a healthcare practice. Our dedicated bureau for medical services takes care of all your billing and administrative needs, so you can focus on what you do best – providing quality patient care.

Medical Billing

What is medical billing?

General Medical Billing for a medical practice

Medical billing is the process of submitting insurance claims on behalf of patients in order to receive reimbursement for medical services. The first step in medical billing is to create a correct and complete patient record, which includes personal information, diagnosis, and treatment details. Once the patient record is complete, the next step is to submit the claim to the insurance company. The insurance company will then review the claim and determine whether or not to reimburse the medical provider. If the insurance company approves the claim, they will send a payment to the medical provider. If the insurance company denies the claim, the medical provider can appeal the decision or try to negotiate a lower payment amount. Medical billing is a complex and ever-changing process, but it is essential to running a successful medical practice. Xpedient’s medical bureau services allow you to outsource this function to our team of specialists.

What This Includes

Our medical services bureau will handle every aspect of this challenging and time-consuming function, including:

Patient information

Medical billing and claims management

Account administration

Debt collection

Why Xpedient is more than your average medical accounts administrator

Xpedient is much more than just another medical accounts bureau. We are a comprehensive medical business specialist that provides a wide range of value-driven solutions to help our clients improve their bottom line and open up their time to focus on patients’ health. Whether you are an established practice or still in the planning stages, Xpedient will help you reach your full potential.

In addition to our medical bureau services, we also offer the following:

  • Healthcare Administration – assistance with day-to-day operations, marketing and business development, regulatory compliance, financial management, as well as long-term strategic planning.
  • Practice Management – legal, financial, HR and tax guidance, IT solutions, clinical and coding assistance, as well as practice manager training.
  • Support to Registrars – practice setup and financing, guidance on complex medical questions, BHF and Medical Scheme Registrations, billing and debtor management, and assessments and reporting.


See our services overview page for more information.


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